• Ken Scott

    NIGHT #1
    “16 to 1: A Story of Avalanches, Survival and the Aftermath”

    Ken Scott

    Ken spent his early years on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. He developed a love of the outdoors while fishing with his grandfather on the waters surrounding the island. The outdoors and activities outside have dominated his life.

    Ken went on to spend 32 years in the ski industry in various capacities including lift operator, ski patrol, ski instructor and an equipment sales representative. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, skiing and snowboarding have been both personal pursuits and vocations through the course of his adult life.

    Together with Ruth, his wife of 34 years, they have a daughter and three grandchildren, all of whom were on snow learning to ski by the age of two. Ken takes great joy in his skiing family regardless of ability, whether related by blood or not. He is always looking for the next chance to share the activity he loves with those he loves.