• Rev. Briana Lynn

    NIGHT #1
    “Radical Aliveness; Exploring The Shadow and Light of Humanity”

    Briana Lynn

    The programmed desire to be “cuter, smaller, and more dainty” began with Rev. Briana Lynn’s first diet at age 11. The yearning to be tiny, not so much, and not so loud grew into an obsession that mounted into a 15 year initiation of eating disorders and a four-year journey with suicidality. Exploring cultish organizations, plant medicine, the world of self-development and our connection to nature has led her to creating a modality based in the full human spectrum of experience and emotion, the inclusion of all, that is vital for our healing and collaboration as a species at this time.

    Lynn is now the Founder and Spiritual Director of a Nature Based Church, The Earth Temple; Center of Prayer & School of Shamanic Arts where they specifically work individuals and groups to embrace their wholeness and reclaim their role as spiritual leaders in their communities worldwide. She’ll discuss her work in her TEDxBigSky talk, “Radical Aliveness; Exploring The Shadow and Light of Humanity.”