• Timothy Tate

    NIGHT #2
    “3 Ways to a Meaningful Life”

    Timothy Tate

    Timothy was born and raised in the Chicago Suburbs, the youngest of four siblings, all much older than he, to an Irish Presbyterian minister father and a Swedish missionary mother. He has a son and daughter and two granddaughters and has been married to his wife Susan for over 40 years. He received his Bachelor’s in history from the University of Dubuque and his Master’s in counseling from Boston University.

    His quest for knowledge has led him to in-depth study either in person or with the works of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Alan Watts and others. He taught psychology at the collegiate level in Germany, France and California before moving to Montana in 1979 where he was a counselor at Pine Hills Correctional Facility for Boys.

    In 1984 he established his private psychotherapy practice and continues to practice, specializing in archetypal studies, imaginative creativity, and dream work. He is a licensed clinical professional counselor. Timothy has served on local non-profit boards, was the founding Headmaster of Headwaters Academy, co-founded the Montana Men’s Foundation and writes a column for Mountain Journal on Community Psyche.

    He has hosted a radio show since 1984 on KGLT, the MSU college radio station, as well as a monthly radio show for Montana Public Radio. He serves as a wellness consultant for The North Face global athlete team, the scope of which was featured in The New Yorker magazine. An avid hiker, backpacker, fly fisherman and camping enthusiast, Tate relishes living in the mountains, is grateful for the beauty, dramatic seasons and long view horizon line.