• Twila Moon

    "Embracing Ice: A Story of Action"

    Twila Moon

    Dr. Twila Moon is a scientist, leader, thinker, communicator, and enthusiastic learner. As a Research Scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, based at the University of Colorado, she studies Earth’s glaciers and large ice sheets, Greenland and Antarctica. Her focus is on understanding how ‘big ice’ reacts to and interacts with the climate, ocean, and biosphere. Most of Twila’s research uses satellite data and computers to examine ice across very large areas, but she can also be found in the field checking GPS stations in Greenland or setting up remote cameras in Alaska.

    Twila has a BS in Geology (Stanford) and an MS and PhD in Earth and Space Sciences (University of Washington). Her research has been published and highlighted in top journals such as Science and Nature, and received media coverage around the world, including National Public Radio, the Associated Press, and the BBC. Twila is passionate about and active in communicating science to policymakers, the media, and the public. Her message focuses on the joy of discovery, the remarkable recent changes in our Earth system, and inspiring curiosity and action around the critical issue of climate change.

    Twila is also the co-founder and co-director of the Wheelhouse Institute, a Big Sky, Montana based non-profit that facilitates skill sharing and networking to affirm and amplify visionary women’s leadership across arts, science, and communication. Twila lives in Big Sky, Montana and spend her free time exploring the outdoors with her husband or enjoying the woodstove with her cats. Web: www.changingice.com and www.wheelhouseinstitute.com